A New Era


To those who know me already and to those who don't: welcome! I am thrilled to share this new website and my upcoming projects with you. Music has always been a personal escape, a way to distill my experiences into words, phrases, melodies, and soundscapes. I grew up as an only child in the north of Mexico. I spent the past decade or so nomadically around the globe; just a few weeks ago, I came back home. 

I'm excited to announce the release of my third EP Resonance. I am currently preparing three new music videos for its singles. The first one, 'Nomad' will be out in October 2018. This song is incredibly special to me: I wrote it years ago as a requiem to my family when I moved out. It was a challenging task: I was trying to envision what I would say as someone 5 years older. I have finally reached that age; ironically, I never thought fate would bring the nomad back home when this song would be ready for release (!).

The next couple of weeks will be hectic as my production team and I are deep in pre-production for the music videos. Stay tuned to my social media as I will be posting some updates and behind-the-scenes regarding these new projects. Oh, and I will also be updating this Blog section every week or so with a bit of everything: stories, poems, music updates, album reviews of other artists, and if you have any topics you'd like me to talk about, don't hesitate to let me know on any of my social media sites which you can find above.

With much love,
Carlosh Garzat

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